About IESFT 2024

We are pleased to invite all researchers, young scholars, delegates, experts and students from all over the world to attend the 2nd International Experts Summit on Food Science and Technology (IESFT2024) will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark during June 04-06, 2024.

IESFT2024 provides a platform of international standards where you can discuss and share knowledge on Food Science and Technology to bring a unique forum for exchanging the information regarding the latest developments, finding solutions and enriching the knowledge. In addition to Presentations, Workshops, and Discussions, the conference also offers a unique venue for renewing professional relationships, and providing plenty of networking opportunities during the summit.

We’re looking forward to Meghaz meetings with researchers from different countries around the globe for sharing innovative and great results in Food Science and Technology.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline15 Mar, 2024

Earlybird Registration Deadline21 Sep, 2023

Standard Registration Deadline28 Dec, 2023

Onspot Registration04 Jun, 2024

Conference Sessions

3D Food Printing

Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Food Chemistry

Food and Nutritional Toxicology

Food Microbiology

Antibodies in Food

Nutrition and Health

Animal Nutrition

Vitamin Deficiency Diseases

Food safety, security and sustainability

Recent Advancement in Nutritional Science

Food & Public Health Nutrition

Nutritional Deficiency and Disorders

Obesity, Diabetes & Endocrinology

Plant Nutrition

Food Technology

Pediatric Nutrition

Food for Improving Immunity

Food Cancer

Aquaculture Feed and Nutrition

Environmental Nutrition

Food Nanotechnology

Current Trends in Food Technology

Food Toxicology

Food Legumes Research

Food Engineering and Processing

Food Choice and Consumer Behaviour

Food and Agricultural Immunology

Alcoholic Beverage Research

Advances in Dairy Foods

Sustainable Development and Food

Seafood Processing

Meat Science and Processing Technology

Bioinformatics in FoodTech

Nutrition in Clinical Practice

COVID-19 Food Security Challenges

Pediatric Nutrition

Food for Improving Immunity

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Processing

Mycotoxins in Animal Feed

Bioproducts and Food Applications

Water-Smart Food Production

Climate-Smart Food Systems

Crop Biology and Sustainability

Land, Livelihoods and Food Security

Agroecology and Ecosystem Services

Aquatic Foods

Sustainable Food Processing

Natural Products and Drug Discovery


Food Packaging

Food-borne Diseases

Food Preservation

Food Safety and Hygiene

Plenary Speakers

David Wortley

International Society of Digital Medicine, UK

Lucjan Jan Pawłowski

Lublin University, Poland

Ofelia Anjos

Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Poland

Adhikari began

The University of Sydney, Australia

Zhenhuan LIU

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China

Filipa Sofia Dinis Reis

Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal

Maria Luisa Chiusano

University of Naples, Italy

Zahid Mumtaz

The Australian National University, Australia

Chee Kong YAP

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Isabel Sousa

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Kostadin Fikiin

Technical University, Bulgaria

Isabel Lara Ayala

University of Lleida, Spain

Keynote Speakers

Pengcheng Fu

Hainan University, China

Shiguo Sun

Northwest A&F University, China

Katrina Campbell

Queen's University Belfast, UK

Antoni Mituś

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland

Onofriescu Mircea

University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Luisa Martins

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Rabiul Islam

University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Shobhit Nigam

Pandit Deendyal Petroleum University, India

Invited Speakers

Francesca Blasi

University of Perugia, Italy

Sharaf Uddin

University of Mataram, Bangladesh

Helena Dodziuk

Institute of Physical Chemistry, Poland


Registration Categories



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  • E-Certificate for Presentation and Participation

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  • Conference E-material



  • Access to all Presentations

  • E-Certificate for Presentation and Participation

  • Access to B2B Online Meetings

  • Conference E-material



  • Access to all Presentations

  • E-Certificate for Presentation and Participation

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  • Conference E-material

Student Delegate


  • Access to all Presentations

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  • Conference E-material

Why Copenhagen, Denmark?

Region of knowledge

The Greater Copenhagen area is Scandinavia's most knowledge-intensive research and business environment with 3.7 million inhabitants, 42,000 researchers, 190,000 students, 19 science parks and innovation incubators and 17 universities or colleges of higher education.

Leading medico and IT region

Greater Copenhagen has a fast growing business community and is internationally known as one of the leading medico and IT regions. The region has a dense collection of universities, hospitals and companies within Biotech, Medtech and Pharma with a focus on research and development. It is home to more than 60 percent of Scandinavia's pharmaceutical industry and is currently Europe's fastest growing biotech cluster.

A sustainable and growing city

Bicycle-friendly Copenhagen aims to become the world's first CO2-neutral capital by 2025. The city is rapidly evolving in terms of housing, urban development and the expansion of infrastructure and public transportation. It has been labelled 'the world's most livable city' several times.

Copenhagen has a lot to offer citizens of all ages. Art exhibitions, sports, culinary treats, music and cultural events. Copenhagen is a youthful city as almost half of the inhabitants are between 20 and 37 years old - with every fourth a student.

Danish values and stability

Denmark ranks among the top-five most peaceful and least corrupt countries in the world. The economy is stable and it is one of the few countries to hold a prime AAA credit rating by Moody's, S&P and Fitch. The Danish krone is tied to the Euro, making exchange rate fluctuations a non-issue.

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