About IESPCM 2024

We are pleased to invite all researchers, young scholars, delegates, experts and students from all over the world to attend the 2nd International Experts Summit on Polymerscience and Composite Materials (IESPCM2024) will be held in Lugano, Switzerland during August 07-09, 2024.

IESPCM2024 provides a platform of international standards where you can discuss and share knowledge on Polymerscience and Composite Materials to bring a unique forum for exchanging the information regarding the latest developments, finding solutions and enriching the knowledge. In addition to Presentations, Workshops, and Discussions, the conference also offers a unique venue for renewing professional relationships, and providing plenty of networking opportunities during the summit.

We’re looking forward to Meghaz meetings with researchers from different countries around the globe for sharing innovative and great results in Polymerscience and Composite Materials.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline13 Jun, 2024

Earlybird Registration Deadline15 Dec, 2023

Standard Registration Deadline14 Mar, 2024

Onspot Registration07 Aug, 2024

Conference Sessions

Polymer Materials

Polymer Science and Technology

Polymers for Emerging Technologies

Applications of Polymers in Medicine, Health and Biotechnology

Polymeric Systems for Biomedical applications

Polymers Electrochemistry

Advanced Synthetic Polymers and Catalytic Materials

Polymer Design and Reaction

Polymer Synthesis and Polymerization

Colloid and Polymer Science

Polymeric Material Chemistry and Physics

Polymer Electronics: Optics, Fiber and Lasers

3D Printing Polymers

Synthetic and Green Polymers

Polymers in Petroleum Refinery

Oils and Bio-Inorganic Materials

Biopolymers and Bio plastics

Biochemical-Bio Degradation of Polymers

Environmental Impact of Polymer-Waste Disposal

Polymer Membranes for Environments and Energy

Recycling and Waste Management of Bio-polymers

Composite Materials

Advanced Composite Materials and Technologies

Composite Materials in Aerospace Applications

Composite Materials & Technology for Defense

Marine Applications of Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Composites

Computational Materials Science

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Composite Materials – Applications

Plastic Processing and Composite Materials

Organic and Inorganic Composites

Future of Thermoplastic Composites

Self-Healing Composites

Carbon Matrix Composites

Ceramic Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites

Bio-Fibers and Composite Materials

Mechanical and Physical Properties of Composite Materials

Recycling Technologies for Thermoset Composite Materials

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Chung Tai Shung Neal

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
H-Index 138

Prof. Sabu Thomas

Mahatma Gandhi University
H-Index 134

Prof. A C Matin

Emeritus Professor
Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

Prof. Thomas J Webster

Hebei University of Technology
H-Index 118

Prof. Richard Spontak

Distinguished Professor
North Carolina State University

Prof. Rigoberto Advincula

University of Tennessee
H-Index 78

Prof. Masaru Tanaka

Kyushu University
H-Index 56

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Nezar H Khdary

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Ramesh C Gupta

Nagaland Central University

Invited Speakers

Dr. Izabela Zaborniak

Rzeszow University of Technology

Mr. Shivansh Nauriyal

University of Oxford

Dr. Seiko Jose

Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, India


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  • Access to all Presentations

  • E-Certificate for Presentation and Participation

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  • Access to all Presentations

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Student Delegate


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  • Conference E-material

Why Lugano, Switzerland?

Lugano is a city and municipality in Switzerland, part of the Lugano District in the canton of Ticino. It is the largest city of both Ticino and the Italian-speaking southern Switzerland. Lugano has a population (as of December 2020) of 62,315,[9] and an urban agglomeration of over 150,000. It is the ninth largest Swiss city.

The city lies on Lake Lugano, at its largest width, and, together with the adjacent town of Paradiso, occupies the entire bay of Lugano. The territory of the municipality encompasses a much larger region on both sides of the lake, with numerous isolated villages. The region of Lugano is surrounded by the Lugano Prealps, the latter extending on most of the Sottoceneri region, the southernmost part of Ticino and Switzerland. Both western and eastern parts of the municipality share an international border with Italy.

Described as a market town since 984, Lugano was the object of continuous disputes between the sovereigns of Como and Milan until it became part of the Old Swiss Confederation in 1513. In 1803, the political municipality of Lugano was created, following the establishment of the canton. Since 1882, Lugano is an important stop on the international Gotthard Railway. The rail brought a decisive contribution to the development of tourism and more generally of the tertiary sector which are, to this day, predominant in the economy of the city.

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